Silver Creek in Idaho
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How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help preserve Silver Creek. Any of which are greatly appreciated and very necessary. The Nature Conservancy is always looking for volunteer help in the field and at the Silver Creek Preserve. Monetary donations are a great way to help, the cost of projects and the monitoring of Silver Creek are ever present and on-going. the list to the right has web sites and contact information for the donation process with a brief explanation of their area of expertise. The three non-profit organizations are directly impacting Silver Creek.
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 SSC Staff
Contact Information:

The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy has been working to preserve Silver Creek for over 35 years. with nearly 1000 acres of owned land and 10,000 Acers of land under easements, the Nature Conservancy Silver Creek Preserve is the oldest non-profit organization on Silver Creek. A donation to TNC can be directed to wherever you like, restoration, administration or general funding to help Silver Creek.
Ecosystem Sciences Foundation
Ecosystem Sciences Foundation  became very involved with the preservation of Silver Creek through a combined effort with TNC creating the Silver Creek Watershed An Ecological Enhancement Strategy for Silver Creek. Partial funding for this web site and data collection is run through this organization. Their efforts are interconnected with the Nature Conservancy by helping with extensive monitoring, land owner cooperation, public awareness and the implementation of the Silver Creek Master Plan. They have continued their efforts through private donations and have released valuable watershed information through their Annual Reports.